December 16, 2017

Welcome to Australia Directory


Q1. What are the types of listings you are providing?

A1. There are two types of listings.

1) Top Listings –  these are aggregated compiled and pre-selected filtered and updated from time to time by us. Number on the side is the world rank given in the recent past by one of the popular ranking organization. As it changes everyday and we do not update daily – please keep that note.  Some of the highly rank sites do maintain on an average static ranking position – while new entrants either are very good or just of temporary phase.   Also there are many world ranking methodologies each differing from one another with no single yardstick – so it should be taken into context appropriately.

2) Featured Listings – these are paid listings – you can use it as an advertisement – weather your site is listed or non-listed in above Top category, you can use this to promote your site by providing required information. Please note that your site needs to meet our submission guidelines to get  approval for listing.

Q2. What is the additional advantage if our site is already listed in top category – to again re-listing as featured listing?

A2.  The main advantage of Featured Listing is that you will be able to deliver your custom Description instead of your standard meta information.  Your custom details will need to be in line with your website and all that meeting our submission guidelines to get approved & published.

Q3. Who can submit website details?

A3. You will need to be either website owner or authorized representative for supplying such content material and for us to ensure – it will be necessary by you to send us the same content details on a Business Letterhead duly signed with contact address, email and phone details – scan the same and either attach it with Submit Form or send it to us via email at  In case if there will be any issue, we will seek the clarification and appropriate corrective action will be taken.

Q4. Within how much time our site will be approved?

A4. If your site is meeting our submission guidelines then it is likely to be approved within a short time.

Q5. Do we need to make payment before or after approval ?

A5. Your first step would be to Submit your details. It will be approved or rejected and that message will be forwarded to your given email address. If your details receive approval then you’ll be notified along with to make required payment via PayPal. (Please note that you need not be PayPal account holder – using PayPal Secured system – you can make payment with your Visa/Master Debit/Credit Card.)  On receipt confirmation of your payment we’ll set your details to publish.

Q6. How and when will we see our featured listing ?

A6. Please allow few days to be set for publishing and appearing in an appropriate category thereafter.

Q7. Is there possibility that we can change the given description later ?

A7. We can incorporate any change until it is published, after that any change will incur same cost with new Featured Listing submission to replace the old one.

Q8. If we need to contact you for any inquiry or  broken link or missing information or any other issue about any listing or want to provide any feedback or comments – then how should we contact you?

A8. Please use our contact form on the Contact Page of our site. If needed you can also email at  this address:

Thank you.


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